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Revising my book

I don’t regularly update my blog (I mean, it’s not that popular anyway so there isn’t really a need to. I don’t even think my Mom visits here!) but for those who bought my book ‘Single’ you may be happy to know that the book is two years old — and so I’m currently revising some of it (particularly the chapters on sex, to bring in some of my newer thoughts from below.)

The reason why it’s cool (well, for those who care) is that the two revised chapters will be available on my website once they’re done (give or take two weeks.) So check or here for details. Tell your friends! 😛

As for my fantasy-fiction book, When Twin Cities Fought,  an Agent got hold of me two days ago and I’ll be sending my Manuscript to them. So, holding thumbs that the book garners some interest!! I’ve put a lot of work into it, and I still need to put some more work in before I send it.


One thought on “Revising my book

  1. Dianne says:

    Well things are changing, commented even my Mom visits here. Also holding thumbs for your new book When Twin Cities Fought heard so much about it and know how much work you have put in, all the best Son.

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