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No Blogging – Internets Has Been Broken

Sorry for the lack of new posts, had to wait two weeks for Internet and although I’ve got WordPress on my phone it just takes too long to make a post. With Internets back up I’ve been spending some crazy time catching up on work, and this week is quite busy with Equip Gauteng also going down for tomorrow and Friday.

Hopefully I can start blogging again next week!


2 thoughts on “No Blogging – Internets Has Been Broken

  1. I know what its like for the internet to go down. I use squarespace for my blog and the iphone app on that is horrible too. Nice blog, good job. I’d like to hear your take on the Westboro Baptist Church on your In the World But Not of the World entries.

  2. Hey, thanks šŸ™‚

    Isn’t the Westboro Baptist Church those guys who were threatening to burn the koran on 9/11 (I live in South Africa so I’m not entirely sure who they are). A Google search, however, shows some disturbing placards and news items.

    If it’s the same people (and based on the Google search) then I think they’ve lost the plot. I don’t usually like to say something public against a church or anything, but I don’t see Paul or Peter carrying placards in the Bible telling the world how much God hates them. Those guys have lost the plot and what they are doing is not kingdom advancement stuff, but political-religious nonsense that has no place in the church and was not what Jesus intended for the church to do.

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