About me

I’m a writer, musician and journalist living in Johannesburg with my wife, Shannon.

My completed written works include a fantasy tale called Twins at War, a book on enjoying living called ALIVE, and a book on being content while single, simply called Single. Currently, the latter two are published by me while I am  looking for a publisher on the former.

I’m also the deputy editor of Gaming.do.co.za and I freelance when opportunities arise.

The purpose of my blog is really to just write whatever’s on my mind. It often revolves around my faith because that’s what I’m most passionate about.

Shannon and I are Christians and believe fervently that Jesus died for our sins and extends the grace, blessings, healing, restoration and ultimate salvation of God from death and sin to all who would believe in Him for it.

We are members of Church on the Square, Sandton, a local community of Jesus believers in the city of Sandton, Johannesburg.

We also run a very relaxed small group in Sandton every Thursday night. If you would like to join us for that then contact me here (use the comments field) or email me at ryan (at) ryanpeterwrites.com to get the details.

If you’re in Sandton and would like to come visit Church on the Square, then please do come through and say hello!

Check out the website at www.churchonthesquare.co.za.

The church’s address is 8 Stella Street, Sandton. You can also give Dave du Preez (the pastor) a call on 011-884-3820 or mail him at dave@churchonthesquare.co.za.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Terrence says:

    Hey Ryan,

    My name is Terrence. I spent a little time in Cape Town, SA in 2007 and absolutely fell in love with the place. You’re definitely blessed to be where you are. I want to thank you for blogging about God’s love; it’s much needed in these last and evil days.

    I know you’re a musician; so am I. If you have a little time, could you check out one of the songs I recorded a couple years ago in college? It’s on youtube at the following address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLQPmUvyQFE. I know you’re busy, so I don’t expect your feedback any time soon, but I’d love to know what you think, eventually. You might even want to post it on your blog. ha ha.

    Anyway, keep on keeping on.

    Forever, for always, for love,

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