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It’s EQUIP SA time! Friends, Faith and Feast!

It’s that time of the year again – EQUIP South Africa – an annual time when churches all across South Africa get together for encouragement, rich teaching, and party-time. For me, EQUIP is about ‘friends, faith and feast’ – seeing friends again from all over South Africa; having my faith strengthened, encouraged, even re-kindled; and, of course, enjoying great food (with friends, of course!)

I’ve been involved behind-the-scenes this year and I have to say it’s been quite a privilege and a very exciting experience. All I can say is that the team that have been setting this thing up since February this year are amazing!

But now onto some more details as to why I’m excited about this year. Last year I wrote about Eph 4:11-16 and how this EQUIP time is all about bringing the church into the ‘unity of the faith’ and maturity, as the Scripture so wonderfully puts it.

It’s always about that. But last year was important as it seemed like a real momentum began. There’s a newness in the air about what it is we do as churches in South Africa, and what it is we do as NCMI-relating churches in particular. In truth, it feels like a maturing of sorts – like when you finally have that ‘aha!’ moment and smile and sit back in your chair thinking, “Finally, I get it.” At least that’s how it’s been for me.

One of the key ways it’s been like that for me is how God at the EQUIP time last year dealt with my ambition(s). This thing of ambition became something I’ve had to deal with all year and continue to deal with. It culminated in a post I wrote about five months ago entitled I’m Not Interested in Counting for God Anymore. It was interesting how it resonated with a lot of guys, especially in conversations off-line (you know, the real face-to-face kind 🙂 ).

This year I can already feel my faith being encouraged and things only kick off tonight. These yearly EQUIP times together (they used to be called “Bloem” when they took place in Bloemfontein) have always been instrumental for me since I joined my church (Cornerstone) over ten years ago. I’m expectant and stoked and it’s going to be fantastic.

For more details about EQUIP South Africa 2012, see the EQUIP website. Things kick off at 7 tonight and you can register when you get here (if you haven’t registered already).

P.S.: I’ll be live-blogging the event.