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EQUIP SA 2012 Session 1 – Tyrone Daniel

Tyrone Daniel raving about Jesus at EQUIP SA 2012

What a fantastic evening of worship and a focus onto Jesus at the kick-off night for EQUIP South Africa 2012. I’m really looking forward to a fantastic couple of days in God’s presence and the presence of His people!

As promised, here’s a live-blog of Tyrone’s talk tonight on Jesus and based on Isaiah 6. It’s obviously not as live as I’d like (see how MTN dumbs down your 3G signal when 2000 people are in the same room 😛 ) but it’s live-ish. Also, these are just pointers and highlights and I’ve only done some minor editing. This is also, of course, not a word-for-word transcribe of Tyrone’s talk!

Session 1 – #EQUIPSA 2012 – Tyrone Daniel

God is being very kind to us and I think in the next three days he is going to show us some wonderful things together.

God is wanting reveal himself to us in a fresh and new way.

Isaiah 6 – if we can get this thing understood more and more and if the Holy Spirit can reveal this to us everything else will in a sense fall into a new place.


I do believe we’re in a new season – God has reminded us over and over that transition is important. There is a purpose in transition – to get us into position into what God has called us to. The purpose of transitioning isn’t too keep transitioning. God has gotten us to go back to some things to see what it’s all about. Even people with good hearts and good intentions often get caught up with the wrong things because we’ve taken our eyes off the main thing.


I’ve never experienced Jesus like I have the last few years. I come out excited and my message is to tell the world and even the church about Jesus Christ. I recognise that everyone is expecting different things this week. What unites us is first and foremost our great King, Jesus.


That gives us clarity and perspective again. In our transition God has now said we’re in position. This is exciting because it means it’s go time, we are now in the position to walk more and more in things. Even in this great land of SA.


The church, God has a plan; the nations, the church is alive and well – God’ church is triumphant and victorious. Same all over the world.


There’s this partnership and a willingness to go at it again. Something in the heart of God is getting us to go into it again. It’s time go time.


God wants to envision us. Where we get vision from is so very important. When God reveals it has ramifications not just for us here but for the nations. What God can reveal to us this evening can change everything around us.


I still believe that the biggest battlefront we have in the Kingdom is the truth about Jesus Christ. He is and must stay the central theme and focus to everything we are and ever become. If we move away from that we lose the very truth and foundation of what it’s all about.


We can talk and rave about Jesus but we need the Father to reveal the son to us this evening.  We seem to want to hear a lot about ourselves but when we see Him then we see us and then we see the world after seeing Him then we understand our role and responsibility.


The church needs to understand who Jesus is and continually be pointed towards him. Because my friends our message is Jesus Christ.


In these times we must contend for our revelation. We must be intentional. It’s not about mentioning Jesus from time to time but intentional about making Him the central theme and focus. We’re not going to graduate from Jesus. First and foremost, stay in the learning of who Jesus Christ really is. Revelation is from above.


The most revealing thing about your church is what your people think about Jesus – not about mission, your church, or NCMI. Our most significant message is what we say or leave unsaid about Jesus Christ. This is a key value for us – we’re about the Bible. If it’s in there we do it if not we don’t. We still believe this is God’s word. If you’re doing stuff that’s not in here then you are killing people.


We are a people who say we’re about the Bible. Word plus nothing, minus nothing. The Bible testifies about Jesus. So it’s not just about biblical way it means we’ve got to testify what the Bible testifies.


God exalted Jesus to the highest place. It was when I started seeing something of this revelation of Christ I began to feel pleasure again in preaching and leading. It’s not because I’m doing a great job, it’s because I’m raving about Jesus Christ. And God’s pleasure is all over people who rave about Jesus.


God releases life over us. We want to see great things this week so Jesus can be absolutely glorified. We want His presence and power manifested here not to feel Him but to see Jesus exalted. Revelation tells us that right now angels worship Him in heaven.


The early church stayed the course not because of a mission but because they were captivated by Jesus. I don’t know what the future holds; it’ll be exciting but it’s going to have difficult times. As we break open regions and new places it’s not going to be a church that’s captivated by mission. People will bail on mission if the mission is what drives us. What holds us is our absolute love, passion and revelation of Jesus. That will allow us to die for what we believe.

 Isaiah 6

Isaiah’s Vision of the Lord

6 In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and the train[a] of his robe filled the temple. Above him stood the seraphim. Each had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. And one called to another and said:

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;
the whole earth is full of his glory!”[b]

And the foundations of the thresholds shook at the voice of him who called, and the house was filled with smoke. And I said: “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!”

Then one of the seraphim flew to me, having in his hand a burning coal that he had taken with tongs from the altar. And he touched my mouth and said: “Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin atoned for.”

Isaiah’s Commission from the Lord

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”


– We have to live with this revelation – our Christology will determine our missiology, not the other way around. I’ve listened to many preach on this text (and so have I) and they talk aabout the commissioning of Isaiah. But Isaiah had been preaching for 18 years, so this was not a commissioning of Isaiah. But what he needed was a revelation of Christ again and it’s that that undid him.


We need something of God undoing us because when we see Him and we’re undone we’re far more effective in reaching the world. The context of this scripture – nation of Judah in a time of transition and uncertainty. The nation saw their godly king rebel against God and see God’s judgement. As the kingship changes, God decided to reveal himself afresh in a new way to Isaiah. God doesn’t confirm His word He shows Himself first. The vision that Isaiah received was not the beginning of His ministry. What did he see? What he saw we’ve got to see tonight. God’s heart for us is this – we’ve got to see something of the Holy Spirit. I’m praying that tonight we’ll see something of that.


  1. He saw revelation of Jesus the King. I saw the Lord… high and exalted… train of His robe.

A personal revelation of this King is indispensable to everyone one of our lives. When we see Jesus, it awakens our love and drives out the spirit of weariness and oppression. This has to be personal revelation, not read in a textbook. We cannot minister to others from a textbook. The knowledge of God has to come from your experience of God continually. He is the very source of our being, lives, ministries, we have to be grounded in Him for that to be a reality as we move into our glorious inheritance.


We cannot go through the motions and lead god’s people. You can’t follow others on their revelation of Jesus. God is asking for us again to trust for that revelation.


I’m experiencing more and more the soveriengty of God. That’s what motivated god to become undone. We’ve got to see Him in His sovereignty. His Lordship is over all time and space.


2. He saw God in His glory. Exalting Jesus, calling Him holy, holy, holy.


I think that His sovereignty was powerful, His glory overwhelming, but when He saw God in his holiness then that’s when he said woe to me, I’m a man of unclean lips. I think there’s a lot of need to see Him in His holiness.


Notice the sheer awesomeness around His throne.


3. He saw himself


After seeing the Lord he saw himself and said woe to me, I’m undone, I’m a man of unclean lips, I’m a work in progress.

  1. He saw others


He saw that all people are unclean, him himself too.


Like the wind our sins sweep us away. Isaiah saw people who are lost and did not have a clue about what the should do. What I love about this – he doesn’t just reveal Himself to Isaiah so that he can show that everyone is undone. God does not leave Him there. Don’t stay there. God shows Him redemption – He gets the angels to touch His lips with a hot coal and He says you are not unclean. If God just left us in that place of being undone and seeing others undone, what hope do we have? With redemption he said I have now purified you, you are clean.


This thing of redemption must ring out from the church. Often it becomes an evangelistic project. I don’t need an eveangelsit telling me I’m going to win souls when my lips have been made clean. We must be a people who don’t talk about the finished work of Christ but a people who walk in the finished work. Jesus finished it on the cross. Everyting that Jesus needed to do has been done.


The church is living in an unfinished work of Christ. The times of telling what He’s done has passed – He’s looking for a people who walk in what He’s done. We’ve been redeemed to go and help others to be redeeemed.


What honours the King most is not thanking Him for what He did; telling others about what He did; but walking in what He did. Most believers stay at the foot of the cross. IT’s hard to win the world when you stay there. Now without the cross we have nothing. But it’s not about that cross but about a King. The cross is the entrance point. We’re being given keys of the kingdom, not to the Kingdom. Now we’ve entered, now we walk in it. We walk in salvation, healing etc. Get rid of performance. Kill it. The church is such a performance driven people because we live by the land and so forth. But Jesus destroyed religion. It’s undertanding the finished work – I cannot earn this, don’t deserve this, I just receive, enjoy and live in what Jesus did on the cross..


The very thing Jesus killed on the cross, religion, fills the church again. Religion is spraying purfume on a casket. Religion either ends in pride or despair. Pride is I tick all the boxes. Jesus destroyed that on the cross. Most of us live in despair – can’t tick thet, that, that etc. Jesus dealt with it on the cross.


The true message of redemption needs to ring out from our churches afresh. Not the laws. What He’s done has touched my lips. The sound of grace filling SA again and not this warped, sick one-sided stuff. To see the world won for Jesus.


Touching his lips was painful. Redemption is wonderful but there’s stuff you need to deal with.


He saw the Lord, Himself, others and experienced redemption and then he saw…


  1. He realised his true purpose


He heard the voice say whom shall I send and who will go for me? I don’t believe he was coerced into this but he also didn’t have an option. Why? Because he saw what he saw and experienced what he experienced. We need to go because I have seen what I’ve seen. I’m living in redemption and the finished work and because of that, here am I, send me.


The thing about mission. Our mission we have is because of a compassionate God. Most people when they think of mission they think of the great commission. I want to suggest to you from Scripture that mission started in the heart beat of God. It started with a God who is compassionate. Isaiah saw and understood that there is a God who cares. Mission is not something we come up with but it’s the very heart of God.


This motivates us because there’s a God who’s compassionate. Mission is the heartbeat of a comapssionate God. God is mission minded and He has given us a compelling message. When you see Jesus and His glory it gives you passion for that message. But our message cannot be compromised. IT’s incredible truth that can’t change. IT doesn’t needed to be added to, taken away. It’s a distinctive message like no other. IT’s theo nly message that says about Jesus being the only way.


God has given us, His people, a compelling message and it’s good enough. And it works anywhere in the world. For the regions we’re yet to break open for this Gospel, it works there and will work there because it’s God’s message. A compelling message and a comissioned church.


Inauthorised this commission by the power of Christ. All authority in heaven and earth – have you ever thought about that? Jesus said ALL athority in haven and earth has been given to Him. Now you go. So this is authorised by the power of Christ.


This isn’t a man’s idea. Even God reveals Himself with a commission, my plan, go. And it’s assured by the presence of God. Why would we not go?


When any church loses their spirit for the great commission they surrender the very reason for their existance. God is a mission’s God, the Gospel is a mission’s message, the church are a mission’s people, and when it ceases to be they betray their trust. The church has many responsibilities but our only mission is evangelisation of the world.

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It’s EQUIP SA time! Friends, Faith and Feast!

It’s that time of the year again – EQUIP South Africa – an annual time when churches all across South Africa get together for encouragement, rich teaching, and party-time. For me, EQUIP is about ‘friends, faith and feast’ – seeing friends again from all over South Africa; having my faith strengthened, encouraged, even re-kindled; and, of course, enjoying great food (with friends, of course!)

I’ve been involved behind-the-scenes this year and I have to say it’s been quite a privilege and a very exciting experience. All I can say is that the team that have been setting this thing up since February this year are amazing!

But now onto some more details as to why I’m excited about this year. Last year I wrote about Eph 4:11-16 and how this EQUIP time is all about bringing the church into the ‘unity of the faith’ and maturity, as the Scripture so wonderfully puts it.

It’s always about that. But last year was important as it seemed like a real momentum began. There’s a newness in the air about what it is we do as churches in South Africa, and what it is we do as NCMI-relating churches in particular. In truth, it feels like a maturing of sorts – like when you finally have that ‘aha!’ moment and smile and sit back in your chair thinking, “Finally, I get it.” At least that’s how it’s been for me.

One of the key ways it’s been like that for me is how God at the EQUIP time last year dealt with my ambition(s). This thing of ambition became something I’ve had to deal with all year and continue to deal with. It culminated in a post I wrote about five months ago entitled I’m Not Interested in Counting for God Anymore. It was interesting how it resonated with a lot of guys, especially in conversations off-line (you know, the real face-to-face kind 🙂 ).

This year I can already feel my faith being encouraged and things only kick off tonight. These yearly EQUIP times together (they used to be called “Bloem” when they took place in Bloemfontein) have always been instrumental for me since I joined my church (Cornerstone) over ten years ago. I’m expectant and stoked and it’s going to be fantastic.

For more details about EQUIP South Africa 2012, see the EQUIP website. Things kick off at 7 tonight and you can register when you get here (if you haven’t registered already).

P.S.: I’ll be live-blogging the event.